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youth action society

Youth Action Society: A Working Title

The Tamarack Institute and the Government of Canada have committed to a five-year Pan-Canadian project to develop Collective Impact, system-wide solutions for youth as they build and act upon plans for their future. A component of this project, the Community Innovation Fund, aims to pilot and scale innovative projects to support better outcomes for youth.


Communities Building Youth Futures (CBYF) Grande Prairie is committed to improving outcomes for youth who face barriers as they transition from education to employment and understands that this work requires collaborative, community-championed solutions with youth leadership and engagement.


The CBYF Initiative in Grande Prairie has received a grant from the Community Innovation Fund in order to create a Youth Action Society (YAS).The Youth Action Society will be comprised of underrepresented youth who will support peers in Grande Prairie throughout their educational journeys and into their first careers.


YAS will support youths’ transition through education and career phases by providing mentorship, professional development opportunities, and funding based on grant applications from youth for necessary resources and support. This project will ensure youth can successfully address the challenges they face on their career journeys by working with supportive peers.


In the first year, YAS will create their own organizational structure with assistance from CBYF staff, so that they can work as an autonomous unit. They will provide support to youth in Grande Prairie, while also communicating with the CBYF team regarding local trends for youth challenges and solutions.

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