our staff team

Shilla Furaha
CBYF Co-Coordinator

My name is Shilla (she/her).

I moved to Nova Scotia, Canada in 2018 for school. Moving to a new country alone without knowing anyone or having friends was rough. I had to make new friends, learn about the resources in the community and overcome culture shock at the same time.

I graduated with a BA in communications from Cape Breton University. I also have a diploma in Journalism and Mass Communications and a background in photography.

After graduation I moved to Grande Prairie in search of better opportunities. The community was very welcoming and made me feel at home. However, I encountered many barriers as a youth when I started looking for employment.

Long story short…. I came across CBYF and knew this is exactly where I needed to be. I am very excited to work at CBYF and work with systematically and structurally excluded youth like myself, to create brighter futures and make a difference in the community.

In my spare time, I love reading, writing, travelling, learning new languages, and trying out new recipes. I also enjoy watching the sunrise over the ocean.

My favorite quote:, “Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them”, William Arthur.