our staff team

Jackie de Montarnal
Initiative Coordinator

One thing that I have learned from youth and young adults is that there are very few choices that can or should be considered "life ruining". If you learn something from the experience, and you are willing to put in the effort, bouncing back is almost always possible. Goals and dreams might need to change a little bit as a result of our choices or circumstances, but it is still possible to chase them.

My name is Jackie (she/her).  I have a BA in Physical Education from the University of Alberta as well as an MA in Sport and Recreation Studies from the University of New Brunswick. I also hold a diploma in University Teaching, and I am a Certified Coach Practitioner (Life Coach). 


I love being outside in warm weather and by the water (ocean, waterfalls, streams, lakes, any water will do). When I am not vacationing by the water, I am spending time with family or working on house projects which are fun at times and frustrating at other times. I moved to Grande Prairie four years ago for love and that felt like a wild adventure; completely different from anything I had done before. But it worked out, and now I call GP home. 


I have worked with youth for my whole life. I started babysitting when I was 12 years old, taught Sunday School, and coached toss-ball, fastball, and figure skating throughout high school. When I finished university I started working with high school students to help them with figuring out their next steps after graduation. I love that type of work, and after doing it for about six years, this position with CBYF became available and it just seemed like a really incredible opportunity to help youth in a different way. I don't know how to explain what specific part about working with youth excites me, it is just something that I have always loved doing!

Through CBYF I am really hoping to develop some great relationships with youth as well as with different organizations and people throughout the city of Grande Prairie. I would love to help folks from different demographics, industries and walks of life to come together to see what we achieve together if we put our minds to it. I think that when we set the stage for our youth to win, we all get to share in that achievement and it benefits everyone in the community. To have the city of Grande Prairie and the people of Grande Prairie be in a better place as a whole because of deeply investing in this initiative would be an incredible achievement. 

Tahnia Getson
Youth Engagement Coordinator

The youth that I have worked with will always teach me to expand my own way of thinking. Every day that they grow, we should be growing alongside them to ensure that we are capable of tackling the problems they face. Our compassionate, intellectual and openminded youth are the compassionate, intellectual and openminded adults that we want to leave our world to.

Hi hello! My name is Tahnia (she/her)! I recently obtained my Bachelor of Arts in theatre from the University of Lethbridge. I also hold a Visual Arts diploma and have a hefty background in graphic design, marketing and dinosaurs! The dinosaur thing is mostly a very passionate hobby and love of mine. 

I am an artist, performer and advocate in the Grande Prairie region. I am deeply passionate about visual arts, theatre arts and music and can often be found engaged in one of these three things on a regular basis! I also have a border collie who demands my attention frequently - but he's adorable so I love him dearly. I have been in Grande Prairie since the ripe old age of four years old, having moved up with my family from Prince Edward Island! It's been home ever since. 

Most of my adult life has been spent teaching theatre to youth in the Grande Prairie and Peace Region. I've always loved helping youth find their voice in any way that they are able and to encourage them to use it to speak loudly and proudly for themselves. I will always be delighted to hear the way that they see the world. This will be forever the thing that drives me to continue to work with them. Their view on the world is always evolving and it encourages me to stay on my toes and to listen for that change every single day. 

My hope for CBYF is that we can continue to grow youth voices in our area. To give them space to grow as people, students, professionals and advocates for themselves. I believe strongly that they are now, and forever will be, our future. So, as a community, I think that we should be working together and doing our best to provide them with a stable foundation to do so. It's also our job to listen to them, I think that's important.